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Holy Grail Cannabinoid Vape Pen 90%

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If its strength you are after, then meet the Holy Grail 90% wide spectrum cannabis vape pen.

Containing pure undiluted uncrystallised organic GMP Flowform Distillate with a mammoth spectrum of cannabinoids, it simply is impossible to create a stronger legal vape due to the formula being at an absolute stretching point to keep its viscosity & not crystallise. (keep above 5*c)

With a 0.5ml tank, that's the equivalent of a colossal 8900mg wide spectrum cannabinoids in a small 10ml  bottle if you do the math, yet do not let the small tank be of concern, due to the thickness of the oil it is still long lasting & in testing we have found it to be over 200 puffs. Just inhale & enjoy!

Formula: Holy Grail cannabis pen contains all-natural ingredients, a proprietary blend

  • 51% CBD
  • 14% CBG
  • 5% CBDV
  • 8% CBE
  • 11% Other minor cannabinoids
  • 100% Pure extracted proprietary blend & natural real terpenes 
  • 440mg Total cannabinoids squeezed into 0.5ml, seriously concentrated
  • Undiluted, Untampered, Unrivalled (No PG/VG/MCT/Flavour or added Terpenes) 

New CCell Device: Holy Grail disposable pen has a new Ccell Pike device, Industry leading technology for a pure, effortless & reliable experience

  • CCell Pike (TM) Device
  • Soft touch pen
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Capacity: 0.5ml
  • Resistance: 1.6Ω
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Size: 87/20/11mm
  • Puffs: Approx 170

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