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Magic Cookies Magic Dragon - Super Strong

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If you dare consume this deliciously scrumptious then you are a true conqueror of the Magic Dragon as you will experience pure gooey bliss like never before!

Ingredients: Triphala Maitake 10%, Niacine Ashwagandha, Ascorbic acid, Glycose syrup Emulsifier(Lecithin(soy) Wheat flour(Gluten) Sugar 11%, Milk chocolate powder, (Lactose milk protein) vegetable oil (palm, sunflower) Oat flour(Gluten) Butter (Lactose milk protein) Raising agents(e450, e500) egg powder, salt, natural aroma, Caramel (Caramelised sugar, syrup, water)

Allergy advice: contains Milk, soy, wheat/gluten, may also contain traces of nuts.

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